6 Core Décor Must Haves

Bid adieu to Summer and say hello to Fall! With a little effort and some direction from Signature HomeStyles, you can fully turn your home into the fantasy escape of your dreams that is perfect for the transition to the new season by following these 6 core décor must have features:

  1. Organization
  2. Wall Décor
  3. Textiles
  4. Lanterns, Candle Holder and Candles
  5. Metal Accents
  6. Florals 

Stay tuned for more info on how you can style your space with these features and what effect they will have on the aesthetic of your space!

Core Decor Must Have #1: Organization

The first step in creating a beautiful space is clearing the clutter! Save time finding your TV remotes with our Mini-Organizer from our Classic Collection. If you have extra linens, games, books, etc. you can keep them neatly stored in our Classic Cube Set that can be also used as an extra seat if needed!

Keep your spaces neat and tidy with these great items from our Classic Collection that are flying off our shelves!

  • Espresso Classic Mini-Organizer (ST132E)
  • Espresso Classic Cube Set (ST319E)

Core Decor Must Have #2: Wall Décor

Too often in interior design, we see wall décor gets treated as an afterthought. We know all too well that by relegating wall art to the side lines, you’re missing out on an amazing design opportunity. Grouping your wall décor using the right elements, you can easily create a focal point in your room and set the tone in your space.

Mix and match metal pieces like our Cone Wall Pocket Set with rustic styles from our Large Gray Tobacco Basket and White Barn Print and Voila! You have the farmhouse look that is sure to bring you back to simpler times.

Here are some amazing wall décor pieces from our collection that you’ll love to adorn your walls with:

  • White Barn Print (PC389)
  • Large Gray Tobacco Basket (BT118)
  • Faith Family Farm Sign (WD993)
  • Cone Wall Pocket Set (WR146)

Core Decor Must Have #3: Textiles

Instead of using textiles as a finishing touch to your space, we believe they should be a crucial component of the design of your home as a whole. Textiles like our Buffalo Check Runner (in Black or Tan) go a long way toward helping set the mood of your space! Textiles also work to unify the room and help bring the space together. If your seating area is in need of some texture, then add one of our many varieties of pillow covers to your room to create a cohesive finished appearance that conveys sophistication and charm!

Here are just a few textiles from our collection that will help you create an amazing allure in any space:

  • Black Buffalo Check Runner (LN158RN)
  • Tan Buffalo Check Runner (LN746RN)
  • Black Buffalo Check Pillow Cover (PW162)
  • Fringe and Pom Pillow Cover (PW195)

Core Decor Must Have #4: Lanterns, Candle Holders and Candles

Lanterns are the accessories that shall never fall out of fashion in the world of home decor. These irresistible decor pieces can not only uplift your interior look but also illuminate your space! Lanterns create a calming effect instantly. Featured is our Brown Harper Lantern paired with LED candles. Group this lantern with our Wavy Glass Display Hurricane that you can add accessories to its base that match the style or your space or the season you’re in!

Light up your space with these amazing lanterns and candle holders from our unique collection:

  • Brown Harper Lantern (CH657)
  • Wavy Glass Display Hurricane (CH520)

Core Decor Must Have #5: Metal Accents

Modern metallic accents can bring glamorous shine or industrial feel into modern interiors! Add a metal glitz and shine to your interior design is also a great way to blend masculine vibes with a touch of industrial style into an already comfortable and cozy room.

With the Summer season winding down and colder weather on the horizon, it’s important to add warmth to your space as well. Using metal accents can do just that! Featuring our Metal Rectangular Tray or our Cone Wall Pocket Set in your space is sure to brighten up your home and create an exciting blend of spectacular decorating without overdoing it.

Use these great items from our collection to add metal accents to your space:

  • Large Gray Tobacco Basket (BT118)
  • Faith Family Farm Sign (WD993)
  • God Bless America Sign (WD979)
  • Metal Rectangular Tray (WR380)
  • Cone Wall Pocket Set (WR146)

Core Decor Must Have #6: Florals

Infuse life, color and exuberance to your space with floral arrangements that add a pop of pigment to your home! As well as being aesthetically pleasing, flowers can impact our mood, health, and wellbeing too. Items like our White Carnation Pick Set are also great at softening the hard edges of metal accents in your space and supplementing their texture.

Here’s just one of our many other Pick Sets that you can use to create a bright aesthetic that you’re sure to love!

  • White Carnation Pick Set (FM538)

We want you to love your home and all the décor inside it. We hope we inspired you to decorate your home while being budget savvy!

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