6 Core Décor Must Haves

As summer wraps up and fall enters into our lives, it’s time to update your home with all of the warm and coziness of Fall! Here are our 6 Core Decor Must Haves for Fall (and everyday):

  1. Organization
  2. Wall Décor
  3. Textiles
  4. Lanterns, Candle Holder and Candles
  5. Metal Accents
  6. Florals

#1 Organization

The first place to start your decorating updates is to get organized! Start by clearing the clutter from your surfaces. Most peoples’ organizing strategy goes like this:

1. Discover things that need to be organized.

2. Buy containers to organize said things.

Our Fall organization strategy, on the other hand, goes more like this:

1. Buy every cute basket I come across.

2. Find things to put in said baskets.

When you have a place for everything, then everything has it’s place! One of our favorite organizing baskets is our Classic Small-Lidded Baskets (ST157E) from our Classic Collection. It’s perfect for the dresser, countertop or bathroom! Capture all of the little things that get left scattered throughout your home in one of these baskets. When someone can’t find the keys….check the basket!

#2 Wall Décor

Wall Decor is often the focal point of the room and sets the stage for the rest of your decor. If it’s been a while since you updated that gallery in your living room, then it’s time to turn over a new leaf and spruce up your space just in time for Fall! One way to add a seasonal splash of color to your walls is via the bold oranges and yellows present in our Fall in the Park LED Print (PC449).

Instantly cozy up your surroundings by adding our Brown Round Tobacco Basket Set (BT163) from our Classic Collection to your wall as a backdrop for other seasonal items or as a standalone piece is sure to help you embrace Fall in new and exciting ways.

#3 Textiles

Textiles are a Must Have to add softness, color and texture to your decor! Create contrast and add layers to the colors in your space. If you’re struggling to find a style that fits the Fall season, then laying down some textiles like our Pumpkin Plaid Runner (LN216RN) will give the direction that you need while giving your space a refresh this Fall! The great thing about many of these textiles is that they don’t have to be used just in the Fall...you can use them in your home year round!

If you want to add rich, vibrant colors of fall to your home, the quickest way to do so is via our Harvest Flowers Pillow Cover (PW308). These warm colors bring positive energy to your space and will make any area feel more inviting instantly!

#4 Lanterns, Candle Holder and Candles

Decorating with lanterns adds  the perfect ambiance to your interior and exterior living spaces. The great thing about lanterns like our Woodland Lantern (CH518) that you can add pumpkins, nuts, leaves and other seasonal materials to create a beautiful autumn display.

Or add one of our LED candles for a festive touch! You can select from a variety of battery operated candles like our 6" Ivory LED Candle with/Timer (NT280IV). This way, you can set it on a timer and forget about it!

#5 Metal Accents

Just a touch of glimmering metal can make a space infinitely and instantly more glamorous. It’s easy to give a dull space a more interesting and unexpected touch just by adding a Flower Bucket (WR351) with some flowers to your tabletop. By mixing your metals with different, softer textures it can also help balance out your home and bring out the best in your space.

#6 Florals

Adding a floral centerpiece to your dining room table, a wall pocket to your door and something in your entryway will make it feel like you have redecorated your home! Florals are a fabulous way to bring the outdoors into your home. Add richness and color to your space with florals!

We want you to love your home and all the décor inside it. We hope we inspired you to decorate your and create spaces that you love to live in!

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