Bring the Outdoors In

Now that the sun is out and the weather is nice, it’s difficult to decide whether to spend your time inside or outside. If you want to be surrounded by the outdoors no matter where you stand, now is the perfect time to really think about incorporating some Summertime elements into your space.

Whether you’re sitting on your deck or your patio, we wanted to help you create an inviting oasis. If you enjoy looking up at the stars on a clear Summer night, then you’ll love to see the twinkling lights of this Palm Tree LED Print sparkling amongst the trees. Even if you're outside, you can use the LED String Lights to add a little extra sparkle to your party or intimate get-together. Add succulents, bamboo lanterns and candles on top of a festive pillow cover to create a tropical look that will whisk you away to your outdoor oasis.

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Under the Palm Trees LED Print (PC227)

  • Brown Harper Lantern (CH657)

  • Natural Bamboo Lantern (CH447)

  • Amber Sparkle Glass Cylinder w/Timer (CH472)

  • White LED Candle w/Timer 6" and 3” (NT280WT)

  • Tropics Pillow Cover Set/2 (PW339)

  • HomeStyles Rectangular Tray (HS197)

  • Succulents Set of 3 (FM781)

  • LED String Lights (NT320)

The outdoors aren’t complete without flowers! Now is the perfect time to add vibrant yellows and whites that will captivate your senses and bring to life a beautiful garden space in your home. Our Galvanized Planter Set can be used to pot your plants and vegetables or use it as a place to put ice, bottles of soda, wine, beer, etc. when you host a party!

These elements also mesh perfectly with a garden theme. Just imagine that you’re in your beautifully redecorated kitchen. You can hang utensils from the Bird Houses Hook or you can use it by your back door and hang your dog leashes, hats, keys, etc.! The sky's the limit!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Basket of Flowers LED Print (PC229)

  • Bird Houses Hook (WD202)

  • Garden Sign (WD733)

  • Galvanized Planter Set (WR756)

  • Yellow and White Floral Pick Set (FM238)

Now it’s time to bring the picnic inside! This look is inspired from picnic plaids of the past. We first start off in the kitchen with our Kitchen Memories Sign. This centerpiece sign is a perfect accent that makes you want to have a picnic right in your kitchen on a rainy day. You can use the Divided Caddy and Tray to serve beverages, snacks, etc. on the plaid runner that shows off the best parts of a traditional picnic!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Kitchen Memories Sign (WD537)

  • LED Cardinal Set (CM522)

  • Picnic Plaid Runner (LN159RN)

  • Black Diamond Divided Caddy (WR141)

  • Black Diamond Tray (WR142)

  • LED String Lights (NT320)

Lastly, let’s bring the best of the season inside no matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter with our ultimate scroll frame. If you have a garden theme, then you’re in luck this month because this frame and its accompanying garden insert are both featured in our Sizzlin’ Hot Sale going on all July! This is a great time to pick up a frame and a few seasonal inserts. It’s easy to change the insert for the season when the time comes!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Ultimate Scroll Frame (WR118)

  • Welcome Garden Insert (WD735)

We want you to love your home and all the décor inside it. We hope we inspired you to decorate your home while being budget savvy! Happy Decorating!

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