Decorate your Mantel for Fall

Is there anywhere cozier in the fall than gathered around the hearth? There’s something so peaceful and homey about decorating your mantel for autumn. Dressing up your mantel is an easy way to bring the colors and elements of the season into your home. The mantel is probably the focal point of your living area, so why no make it look fabulous?

Fall decorating takes many different color palettes, but one thing that is for sure is pumpkins! Use neutral themes, pumpkin themes, and even white in your fall decor for a clean, up-to-date style.  Start with a linen such as our Gray Buffalo Check Runner, add our Glass Globe Lantern with a Pumpkin Hanging Set to add a cute element your space. Top it off with the gorgeous Clear Glass Pumpkin LED for a little sparkle. Add some essential Fall smells to your home with one of our fabulous candles that feature a more than 50 hour burn time!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Pumpkin Hanging Set (WD394)
  • Buffalo Check Runner, Gray (LN162RN)
  • Thankful Blessings Sign Set (WD520)
  • Be Grateful Pumpkin Stand (WD325)
  • Vintage Barn LED Print (PC359)
  • Glass Globe Lantern (WR760)
  • Glass Pumpkin LED, Clear (CH136)
  • White Linen Candle (CH519)

Picking a fall sign like our Welcome Plank Sign to display can be so much fun and add the perfect touch to your Fall mantel! Accent this with a beautiful sunflower field that is featured in our Faith is Being Sure LED Print. Our Farmers Market Bucket is must-have for the mantel or hearth. Add a nice Paper Daisy Pick Set to go with some garland that will radiate the feeling of Fall through your room. If you love the smells of Fall, you can bring those indoors by adding a Pumpkin Pie Candle or Caramel Apple Candle from our collection to your mantel!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Farmers Market Bucket (WR201)
  • Faith is Being Sure LED Print (PC287)
  • Welcome Plank Sign (WD320)
  • Autumn Colors Runner (LN305RN)
  • Amber Sparkle Glass Cylinder w/Timer (CH472)
  • Pumpkin Pie Candle (CN512)
  • Caramel Apple Candle (CN513)
  • Paper Daisy Pick Set (FM115)

Second only to your tree itself, the mantel is absolutely a focal point of your home after Christmas. After all, it’s where Santa emerges to give all the children their gifts, right? So make your living room even more festive this year by adding a fantastic Snowy Day Runner to set your Whitewash Bark Basket Set on. If you’re really trying to attract Santa’s attention this year, throw in a Red Snowflake LED Cylinder to go with our Wonderful Time Sign Set!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Wonderful Time Sign Set (WD371)
  • Snowy Day Runner (LN208RN)
  • Cinnamon Spice Candle (CN511)
  • Wavy Glass Display Hurricane (CH520)
  • Red Snowflake LED Cylinder (CH150)
  • Bark Basket Set, Whitewash (BT213)

We want you to love your home and all the décor inside it. We hope we inspired you to create spaces you love to live in! Happy Decorating!

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