Organizing Tips & Tricks - Back to School

Class is back in session! That means that you only have a little bit of time remaining to kick your home organizing into high gear. Keep from running around like crazy by organizing these key rooms in your home with items that will improve your storage ability. Follow along as we take you on a tour of our Classic Collection and get you on the right track towards taming your cluttered living spaces!

Do you want to have a less-chaotic household? Then you need to up the ante on your home organization! The first key to having a put together home is to have a place for everything. Organize your most commonly used items with baskets so you know exactly where to find them. Our Drawer Organizer Set is an easy-to-care-for item that is perfect for everywhere from your kitchen to your office space and anywhere else you can think of that has a drawer!

Our Mini Organizer makes a fantastic charging station so you know exactly where your chargers and phones are.

If you have a lot of similar items that you need to have at your fingertips, then our Classic Divided Caddy is right up your alley. It’s our most popular item of all time for a good reason! Store everything from Arts and Crafts supplies to TV remotes and much more in this basket to grab and go whenever you need to!

Keep your pantry ready for snack time with our Classic Tapered Basket Set. This set of 4 is fabulous for organizing your pantry shelves or any other shelving area that has gotten too difficult to tame.

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Espresso Classic Drawer Organizer Set (ST116E)
  • Gray Classic Drawer Organizer Set (ST116TP)
  • Espresso Classic Mini-Organizer (ST132E)
  • Gray Classic Mini-Organizer (ST132TP)
  • Espresso Classic Divided Caddy (ST103E)
  • Gray Classic Divided Caddy (ST103TP)
  • Espresso Classic Tapered Basket Set (ST313E)
  • Gray Classic Tapered Basket Set (ST313TP)

If you’re looking for versatility, utility and style in your storage items, then you’ll love our Classic Cube Sets! These are a great going off to college present for your new college student. Just think of everything they can store in this hinged cube set! This set comes with a variety of organizers and our popular divided caddy that all fit into the main classic cube when empty. The great part about this set is that when the hinged cube is closed, you can use it as an extra seating area!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Espresso Classic Cube Set (ST319E)
  • Gray Classic Cube Set (ST319TP)

Having trouble finding where things are in your home? Keep from fumbling for everything from phone chargers to K Pods with our Classic Two Drawer Organizers! These stackable storage solutions are a perfect countertop addition that feature easy pull tabs for easy to access drawers that look great in Espresso or Gray. Keep your study areas organized at all times with our Two Drawer Organizer. Each child can have their own Organizer to keep school papers and supplies organized.

Lastly, our Classic Storage Set features 3 large storage baskets that make fantastic snack baskets for your pantry. College students that are low on storage space in their dorms can keep these baskets under their bed to organize everything from their clothes, to school supplies and anything else you can think of!

Complete the above style with these great items:

  • Espresso Classic Two Drawer Organizer (ST105E)
  • Gray Classic Two Drawer Organizer (ST105TP)
  • Espresso Classic Storage Set/3 (ST169E)
  • Gray Classic Storage Set/3 (ST169TP)

We want you to love your home and all the décor inside it. We hope we inspired you to decorate your home while being budget savvy!

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