Blog posts of '2020' 'July'

Decorate and be Budget Savvy

Home décor doesn’t have to be expensive. You can redecorate your home while being budget savvy. Our outlet sale items are a great way to do just that! Modern style is one of the most popular home décor styles right now. We paired our outlet pieces with some of the new pieces in our catalog for this look. We started it with the black and grey abstract wall art print. We pulled the greys and blues by pairing them with the candle holders. Design tip- you can create levels with objects of the same size by using books or hidden boxes to lift the items to give the illusion that they are different sizes. We hid ours with the runner. Add a sentiment sign on top of the black runner with an LED candle to soften the look.

Find Your Wild Side in Home Décor

Animal prints are one of the hottest trends in 2020. They are used in everything from clothes to nails to home décor! Be on-trend and learn how to incorporate the wild side into your home décor with inspiration from our looks.

Instant Makeover Ideas

Everyone loves a good makeover. Home décor doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Today we are going to be showing you some instant makeover ideas that you can use in your home while on a budget.

Bring the Beach to Your Home

Nothing says summer more than the beach! Bring the beach to your home with these ideas. The beach is known for its blues and yellows, seashells, and ropes. By incorporating some or all the products shown today, you will have the beach throughout your home.