Cleaner and protectant. Cleans and rejuvenates to bring out natural long-lasting clean ad color in one easy application. For use on: Wood, leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, Formica, stainless steel, cabinets, furniture, cars, boats, trucks, RV interiors, cooktops, rubber mats, awnings, vinyl covers, window screens, appliances, natural - woven baskets, artificial flowers. 12oz. bottle.
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Woven seagrass over metal frame. 22"Dia.
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Cleaner, acrylic polish and protective polymer sealant. Tough and long-lasting, one easy application cleans, polishes and creates a water repellant seal that lasts up to 20 washes. UV protectant guards against damage ultra-violet rays! No-wax formula easily removes toughest dirt, tar grime and rejuvenates to look like new. For use on: Glass, mirrors, metal, fiberglass, cars, boats, trucks, tractors aircraft, bikes, RV's, wave runners, gold carts, spas, wheelchairs, fiberglass tubs and showers, metallic surfaces, marble tiles, countertops, sinks, fixtures and appliances. 12oz. bottle.
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Cleaner, acrylic polish and protective polymer sealant. Easily removes dirt from surfaces. Protects with water repellant seal to eliminate water marks and stay clean. Effortlessly and easily removes grime, soap scum, hard water spots and rings. For use on: Glass, mirrors, windows, metal, metallic surfaces, ceramic tile, grout, shower doors, marble, granite, Corian, countertops, sinks, fixtures, appliances, chrome, plexiglass, vinyl, hard plastic, fiberglass and other hard surfaces. 12oz. bottle.
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Includes two of each Home Magic, Exterior Magic and Gloss Magic. 2.75oz each.
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