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Fundraise with Us!

Welcome to a new and better way to Fundraise!

Raise funds 24/7, 365 days a year! Our unique marketing platform gives you the opportunity to continuously raise funds with your organization's own website.

For over 50 years Signature HomeStyles has been creating unique products people love for their homes. With over 1,000 products at competitive prices, there is something for everyone!

Online Campaigns Made Easy!

We provide your own shopping website for your organization with social sharing tools. Plus, your fundraising doesn't stop with the intial campaign. Raise funds year round!

• No money handling. Weekly 15% profit payments.

• No risk! No inventory investment or up-front costs, only profit.

• Exclusive products only available at Signature HomeStyles

• Fast delivery, directly to the customer when customer order is placed.

Easy isn't it? What are you waiting for?

Free Marketing Support

We do the heavy lifting for you! We will provide the marketing tools you need for a successful campaign all year long!

• Start your campaign with a powerful and compelling announcement email that we provide.

• Customizable, downloadable, QR coded flyer for sellers.

• Receive a step-by-step guide for fundraising success.

• Follow-up co-branded emails are sent to supporters throughout the year to continuously drive sales for your organization

It's time to start a new way of fundraising today! Your fundraising website can be up and running within 1 business day!