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Charlie's Soap Oxygen Bleach

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Say goodbye to toxic chlorine bleaches forever. Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach gives you whiter whites, brighter colors, and the deep clean of traditional bleach without damage to your clothes, skin, or the environment. This chlorine-free concentrated Oxygen Bleach formula cleans all the way to the fiber, leaving residue-free fabric that is clean, soft, and smelling fresh.

  • Made with zero perfumes, fillers, or chlorine, this bleach is gentle enough for sensitive skin.
  • Ultra-concentrated. The convenient oxygen bleach powder packs a powerful punch. As little as two tablespoons per load will do the trick.
  • Safely removes dirt and grime from anything washable.
  • Safe for the environment and septic systems.

This ultra-concentrated non-chlorine bleach naturally releases safe peroxide and oxygen to tackle tough stains and remove odors. Unlike traditional bleaches that are toxic to touch and inhale, Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach is gentler on your skin, fabrics, and household surfaces.