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Woodland Apples Dough Bowl Candle

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Our Signature Homestyles hand carved Spanish oak dough bowl candles will fill your home with a simple and rustic aroma of pine and the sweet smell of apples. These small batch candles contain 16oz. of coconut soy wax, use phthalate free fragrance oils and have 3 cotton eco wicks for up to a 60 hour of burn time. The reusable dough bowl can be refilled, sold separately, or used as a decorative accent, tray, planter and more! Dimensions range from 9-10” L x 5-6” W x 1.5 H. Made in USA, bowl imported from Mexico.

Material: Hand Carved Spanish Oak, Soy Wax

Dimensions: 9"-10"L x 5"-6"W x 1.5"D

Quantity: 1

Burn Time: 60 hours

Candle Style: Dough Bowl

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