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Core Decor Must Have- Organization

The first step to creating a beautiful space is to clear the clutter! Being organized saves time, money and your sanity! Get organized for good when you find a place for everything.

Step 1: Start getting organized by clearing clutter off your countertops, tables and surfaces:

  • Store items that are not used regularly in cabinets or closets
  • A few well-placed decorative baskets can serve as a catch all so your surfaces are not a clutter collector
  • Add décor to your surfaces so they are less likely to gather clutter • Put things away after use 
  • At the end of each day, tidy up and put items where they belong 3

Step 2: Next, organize your most often used spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. When your most often used spaces are organized you’ll feel good. Being organized improves sleep, reduces stress, makes you more productive, uplifts your mood and allows time for creativity.

More Organizing tips:

  • Keep like items together in cabinets, drawers and containers
  • Use baskets to keep things handy and looking good
  • Sort regularly and toss, donate or sell items that you do not use or need
  • Do a little bit at a time. Consistent, small successes will add up to big results
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