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Core Decor Must Have- Wall Decor

Core Decor Must Have- Wall Decor

The walls are a great place to start a decorating project.

Wall decor provides a focal point for your room and often creates the color story. While you need some blank space on your walls, completely empty walls are boring. Bring character and focus to your room with wall decór. A few easy guidelines will help your room flow smoothly and create an eye appealing look.

Rule 1: When decorating with wall art over furniture, the art should not be wider than the width of the furniture.

Rule 2: Hang artwork at eye level. One of the most common decorating mistakes is hanging artwork too high.

  • The center point of the piece should be eye level. When working with a grouping, the center point of the grouping should be eye level.
  • The sweet spot is oftentimes about 57-60 inches above the floor. When hanging above furniture, this will typically be 4-6 inches above the furniture.
  • You may need to adjust the height, depending upon the room. For example, if you’re decorating walls in the dining room you may want to hang items slightly lower since you are sitting down when you’re looking at it.

Spacing will also contribute to the look of your wall


TIP: A grouping of art pieces should be spaced no more than 6” apart at the most. 2-3” usually works best.

Create a gallery or wallscape.

  • This works especially well for large walls and spaces.
  • The colors and design of pieces should complement each other.
  • Using pieces in the same color family or complimentary color family will pull the look together.
  • Similarly, the pieces you choose should tell a style story that is visually appealing pieces.
  • Lay the pieces out on the floor before hanging to see how they look together.
  • Groupings can be symmetrical (more formal) or asymmetrical (more casual)

Rule 3: Create balance in your wall grouping by following the vertical line rule.

This means that the collection should be visually balanced on both sides of an imaginary vertical line.

Too much ‘weight’ on one side or the other will make the group seem unbalanced. Again in this scenario, it is a good idea to make sure the art is similar either in color scheme, frame style, or subject matter to keep your look cohesive and appealing.

                  Wall art spacing

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