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Core Decor Must Have- Lanterns

Core Decor Must Have- Lanterns

We love decorating with Lanterns!

Lanterns evoke a feeling of adventure, nostalgia and create ambience!

Lanterns are available in a range of styles, colors and materials. From farmhouse to seashore, the options really are endless. Lanterns are a must have for your home.

•  Add a candle or multiple candles to your lantern for a warm glow.

•  Many lanterns are big enough to add a candleholder with a candle.

•  Lanterns look great everywhere! On a table, in a corner or nook, on a mantel or fireplace hearth, on a shelf or on open shelving. Lanterns, lanterns everywhere!

Bamboo Lantern

•  Lanterns without glass are easy to care for and allow the candle glow to illuminate without any fingerprints.

•  Use lanterns individually as a focal piece or in groups.

•  When using in a group, mix and match styles and materials. Line a porch or stairway with lanterns.

 White Lantern

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