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Core Decor Must Have-  Pillow Covers

Core Decor Must Have- Pillow Covers

Decorative pillows help pull together a room!

They're both functional and pretty...the perfect combination!

Have you ever seen a magazine or design blog that didn't include a room with decorative pillow covers?  There's a reason why!  Textiles add softness as well as texture to your space.  They also allow you to easily add pops of color to tie together color in a room.

  • Use pillows in multiples and odd numbers (3 on a sofa and 5 on a bed usually works well).  Decorating in odd numbers provides visual interest.
  • Use pillows to add pops of color or an accent color in a mostly neutral room.
  • Pick an anchor color or unifying aspect, such as a theme.
  • Pull colors from other items in the room, such as art, drapery or accent pieces.  This moves the color story throughout the room.
  • Add pillows with texture and patterns to provide visual interest.
  • Select pillows that are not oversized so that you can easily use the space with the pillows on the furniture.  Keep a large basket near the sofa or bed to 'throw' the pillows in when you aren't using them.




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