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Core Decor Must Haves- Metal Accents

Core Decor Must Haves- Metal Accents

Heavy metal anyone? Metal accents add a variety of textures and materials to your décor to add interest and balance to your space.

Metal adds a crispness to your space to contrast the soft textiles of furniture and rugs. Metal comes in a variety of colors and finishes from galvanized to enamel.

• Select metal accents that are also functional and purposeful. A container for utensils or a tray for remotes serves a dual purpose.

• Mix and match metal accents in a room, but keep a common element such as style.

• Select galvanized metal for a rustic or farmhouse style.

• Select finished metal and embellished designs for a more traditional and chic style.

• Black or metallic, straight lined metal pieces fit well in more modern style.

metal two tier caddy


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