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Core Decor Must Haves- Florals

Core Decor Must Haves- Florals

No watering necessary!

Florals have been an important element of a well designed room for as long as we can remember.

Decorating with faux florals is growing in popularity because they are low maintenance, cost effective and provide instant beauty to your space. A high-quality artificial flower is easy to work with and looks lifelike. Florals add a perfect finishing touch to your room. We like to say that no room is complete without florals!

• You don’t need to be an expert to use florals in your home. Just like real flowers, they look better when they aren’t perfect.

• ‘Play around’ with the florals as you arrange them. Bend the stems this way and that way. And don’t worry, you can’t break them!

• Choose florals that complement your color scheme or theme.

• Switch out florals on your door and in your entryway for each season. Bright colors for spring/ summer, natural for fall, snowy/pine for Christmas.

• Use greenery, such as succulents or ferns throughout your home in containers or even popped into a corner on a shelf.

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